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Newlyreds suggest a shidduch
get credit when you redt it!

Get credit
when you redt it!

just 4 simple steps:


Fill in online form, or email your shidduch idea (one boy + one girl)  to NewlyReds™ office.  


The information is saved in a private database with your name, phone #, email, couple’s info, and couple’s shidduch resumes.


Within 3 weeks we will review the shidduch suggestion and reach out to you. One of our 30+ shachanim will redt the shidduch on your behalf. 


If your shidduch idea culminates in a first date, we will notify you if you're eligible for a NewlyAwards™  gift! May this be the beginning of many potential simchos!

it's totally nogeia
heimish? bala-batish?
think it? redt it!
I could so see it
not loud but has what to say

"I had a great idea for a shidduch and didn't feel I could redt it. NewlyReds was the perfect solution! I can't wait to suggest another idea."

Ruchie W. - Lakewood, NJ


share your suggestion

Get credit when you redt it!

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