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The NewlyAwards™! Your prize for getting to a first date!


While no prize can truly compensate for the mitzva of suggesting a shidduch, the NewlyReds™ approach adds a motivating boost with award incentives. If a shidduch gets to a FIRST DATE - you WIN a NewlyAward™. See some of our sponsored awards for any shidduch that gets to 'first base'.

Prizes are generously sponsored in the following categories! If your shidduch suggestion gets to a first date through NewlyReds, you will receive a prize! Choose your preferred category when you're notified you're eligible!*
Food Stores & Restaurant Gift Cards

Sponsored by: Fireside, Estreia, Cafotteria, Gourmet Glatt, Chickies

Home & Family Gift Cards

Sponsored by: Silvertown, Studio C, Artscroll, Elegant Linen, Mishpacha Magazine, American Dream Mall, Slimelight Games Café

Baby & Children Gifts & Gift Cards

Sponsored by: Little Women, Juvenile Planet, Ladida, Circle Magazine, Slimelight

Women's Gifts & Gift Cards 

Sponsored by: Fame

* Prize values start at $50 and vary. Prizes awarded in order of availability. You may choose a prize category, not a specific prize. NewlyAward gift recipient does not have any rights to choosing a specific prize, which remains at the sole discretion of NewlyReds. If you are eligible to receive a prize, someone will reach out to you to let you know. If a prize category you chose is not available (backordered), it will be given as soon as it becomes available again on a first-come-first-served basis.

Want to join the NewlyReds movement and sponsor a prize? 

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