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Suggest a Shidduch


IMPORTANT: before you submit single's information please read the Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy Please be mindful of Hilchos Shmiras Halashon. We respect the confidentiality of submitted info through this form.

While we do take every submission seriously, not all suggestions submitted will be picked up by one of our shadchanim, due to various considerations including: time constraints, correctly and clearly supplied information, if the shadchan believes the shidduch suggestion has enough merit, and how easy or not it is to reach you for clarifications/questions.  By submitting this form, you agree that you understand these limitations. By no means does submitting a suggestion to NewlyReds prevent you from suggesting the same idea through another party, whether we attempt to redt it or not.

Do I get shadchanus if someone gets engaged? For questions and answers go to our FAQ page.

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