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  • Who endorses NewlyReds?
    This program is under the Haskoma of Rav Yaakov Bender shlita, Rav Uri Deutch shlita and Rav Chaim Meir Roth shlita.
  • What happens when I send in a suggestion?
    When you send in a suggestion for a boy & girl that you think is a great match, this info goes to our team of 40+ shadchanim, starting with Kesher of Lakewood, run by Rabbi Meir Levi. If a shadchan on the team feels there's potential to the suggestion, they will reach out to you directly to discuss the shidduch. The shadchan will then handle redting the shidduch to the singles involved. You will be contacted if the couple goes on just one date (regardless of how it progresses), so NewlyReds can give you a NewlyAward (a gift certificate).
  • Why do you give out prizes?
    Suggesting a shidduch is a tremendous act of chessed and a mitzva that needs no reward for motivation. Regardless, NewlyReds offers a monetary (gift-card based) award in order to add a tangible, postive feeling even if a shidduch simply goes on a date. We believe that is a big achievement and deserves recognition! The hope is that this will encourage even non-professionals to make high quality shidduch suggestions with the help of professional shadchanim to back them!
  • What is a NewlyAward™?
    It's a gift that you can earn simply by sending a shidduch suggestion that our shadchanim get to a first date! NewlyAwards are gifts and gift cards sponsored by generous sponsors.
  • Can I choose my preferred Award?
    Yes! When you receive the email saying that your shidduch made it to a first date, you will be able to select from the available options on the NewlyAwards page.
  • What are some reasons my shidduch suggestion doesn't get "picked up" by a shadchan?
    Your shidduch suggestion may have not been "picked up" by a shadchan because either the boy or girl are not known to them, or for some reason or another, they do not feel it has potential. All suggestions are reviewed and taken seriously.
  • What are some reasons my suggestion didn't get to even a 'first date'?
    Many factors go into redting a shidduch suggestion that goes beyond the experience and skill of the shadchan. Often, the suggestion, while potentially very on-target and a 'good' suggestion, does not get to a first date because of the following common reasons: The boy's side had already heard of the name suggested before, and is not looking to pursue the suggestion for various reasons. The shadchan will still attempt to 'push it through' but it is not always possible. The boy is currently busy. The shadchan will still continue to follow up, but it may not make sense to follow up after a certain amount of time passes or the idea was followed up on more than twice. The boy's side is already looking into other suggestions that they believe are more suitable. The shadchan may still follow up, but eventually it may no longer make sense to pursue if the boy's side does not express enough interest. Either the boy or the girl is already engaged. The girl's side is not interested even if the boy's side is. The main thing is to keep sending in suggestions because they are taken seriously by our shadchanim and you never know! Keep Hashem in the picture.
  • I sent in my shidduch idea, why didn't I hear back yet?
    It take time to go through the many suggestions we receive. It can take up to 3 weeks. Our volunteer shadchanim will review the suggestions and decide if the idea is worth pursuing. If for some reason the idea was not picked up by one of our shadchanim, you will be notified either way after 3 weeks time.
  • What happens if no shadchanim pick up my idea?
    You will be notified between 3-4 weeks after submission if the idea did not get picked up. Since we are volunteer-run, the process is not automated and it takes time to reply to each individual suggestion. We greatly appreciate every suggestion.
  • What is the p'sak halacha on Shadchanus?
    As per the advice of Harav Forchheimer, shlita, anyone who gives NewlyReds™ a shidduch idea that leads to the successful completion of a shidduch will receive one-sixth (1/6th) of the shadchanus given to the NewlyReds shadchan. Although they are not entitled to the full third a maschil normally receives for they did not act as a broker between the parties, nevertheless for giving a successful idea they should be given half of the maschil’s portion, which is one-sixth of the full shadchanus.
  • Do I get anything if they get engaged?
    In the event that the Suggester's shidduch submission becomes an engaged couple through NewlyReds, the Shadchan is entitled to Shadchanus, and the Suggester is entitled to a percentage of this as well. Details are noted on the Terms & Conditions page. Shadchanus is provided by the couple and their family.
  • If they get engaged, who gets shadchanus?
    Shadchanus is given by the couple. If the Couple gets engaged through a NewlyReds Shadchan, the Suggester also gets a percentage of Shadchanus. Details are explained on the Terms & Conditions page.
  • What happens if two different people send in the same shidduch idea?
    Credit is given to the first person who suggested the shidduch through NewlyReds.
  • Does my personal info remain private? Who gets to see my info and the shidduch info I send to you?
    Yes, all information is in a private database. The only ones with access are the shadchanim in our network and those who are running the program.
  • I got set up on a date by a NewlyReds shadchan! Do I get to know who thought of the shidduch idea?
    If the submitter of the idea checked off that their info can be shared with the couple, then you will know who suggested the idea. Some submitters prefer to keep their information anonymous from the couple involved.
  • What do I do if I have more information that I want to share about one of the sides that is not included in the form or resume?
    You can email with the boy's name and girl's name as well as your contact info, so we can update the information. We are working on a method to allow for updating your submission directly if possible.
  • How will I know if my shidduch is going out?
    You will get an email from NewlyReds.
  • Will I be kept informed of the status of the shidduch if it progresses?
    We let you know: 1. if they go on a first date and/or, 2. if they get engaged.
  • Can I send in information on people living anywhere in the world?
    Yes you can, although currently a suggestion is more likely to be picked up by one of our shadchanim, if they are from the Northeast region (USA), since it is more likely that a shadchan will know them or their family. Our founding team of shadchanim are based in Lakewood, NJ.
  • How can I contact someone with a question or issue?
    Email us at
  • What regions or areas does NewlyReds include?
    We primarily service the Northeast region of the USA, since our founding team of shadchanim are based in Lakewood, NJ. You can submit ideas from anywhere, but they may not be picked up if neither single is local. NEW: We have expanded to include shadchanim from the following regions: Los Angeles, Chicago and South Florida! If you are interested in having your city/area join the NewlyReds shadchanim, please reach out to us via and let us know.
  • What are the kinds of recognition I could get for sending in a shidduch idea?
    Any suggestion you send, that one of our shadchanim gets to a first date, makes you eligible for a great prize that we call a NewlyAward. These are various gift options - including gift cards and other valuable gifts. You can choose the category and we send you the gift/gift card by mail. Specific prizes are not able to be chosen at this time due to logistics and availability. We also hope to give written recognition in public advertising to people who simply submitted an idea, with the option to remain anonymous (last name initial instead of full last name) in a 'wall of honor'. We will also do the same by highlighting those whose ideas got to a first date, and be'H engaged! If a couple gets engaged, you also get a percentage of shadchanus (shadchanus is provided by the couple and their family to the Shadchan, who picked up the shidduch through NewlyReds). The percentage is based on the halachic guidance of poskim, as noted on the Haskamos page and Terms & Conditions page. Our goal is to encourage as many shidduchim suggestions as possible through these means.
  • I'd like to be a sponsor for this great cause! How can I join?
    That's great! You are making a positive impact for Klal Yisroel! If you're a store or product company, you can reach out to and explain your intention. We will be in touch to work through the details. If you are looking to send a monetary donation, we have a tax-deductible option through the office of Kesher of Lakewood. Email to inquire about the process.



This program is under the Haskama of Rav Yaakov Bender, shlita, Rav Chaim Meir Roth, shlita, and Rav Uri Deutch, shlita.


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